TOKATSU international film festival is pleased to announce an open competition to design a LOGO (a set of logo type and logo mark) for the festival. We hope this competition will be a good opportunity for promising designers to step forward as the festival itself to grows further.

Eligibility The competition is open to individuals and teams from any country. Students and professionals alike are encouraged to enter.
Requirement Logo (a set of logo type and logo mark) for "TOKATSU International Film Festival"
Design theme
  • Logo associated with the image of TOKATSU area, north part of CHIBA prefecture.
  • Logo which is appropriate for the film festival
  • Logo which is suitable for an international film festival and yet be recognizable as a festival held in Japan.
Required elements for logo Characters: TOKATSU International Film Festival 2006
or include Chinese characters

NOTE) Design needs to be a set of logo type and logo mark
Conditions of entry
  • Entrants can submit as many ideas as possible
  • Entrants acknowledge that the works submitted are his/her or the team's own original creation which has not yet been presented to public and that the works do not include nor infringe third party intellectual property rights
  • Entrants grant that the works submitted do not include any slander or defamation of others. Intrusion of privacy or the rights to portrait to others shall be prohibited
  • Submitted items will not be returned
  • Entrants grant “TOKATSU International Film Festival Committee” (hereunder: COMMITTEE) a non-exclusive territorially unrestricted copyright to use the prize winning works.
  • Submitted works are subject to process or edit under COMMITTEE’s discretion.
  • Although COMMITTEE will do utmost to treat entrants’ works with the respect that it deserves, please be aware that COMMITTEE will not be responsible for any damage or loss of data caused in the course of entry and also for any trouble resulting in being unable to open submitted data files
    COMMITTEE will not respond to any inquiries concerning the process or results of the adjudication process.
  • Works out of below entry format requirements will not be considered.
Format requirements Entrants will send e-mail attached with the following 2 items in accordance with required format. Please make sure to put your name, nationality, occupation, age, address, e-mail address, phone numbers and award-winning record in each of the submitted file data.
Entry deadline September 30th, 2005. 11;59pm JST
Prize Grand Prix − 200,000 yen
How to make entry close of application
Selection Submitted works to be examined by COMMITTEE and judges selected by COMMITTEE
Announcement of the result Grand Prix will be announced at the opening event of TOKATSU International Film Festival 2005 on October 14th.
Sponsor TOKATSU Film Festival Committee