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TOKATSU International Film Festival 2006 Overview

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TOKATSU Film Festival 2005 Overview

Name of Event TOKATSU Film Festival 2005
Date 14th October, 2005 (Opening Event), 15th/ 16th October, 2006 (General Screening)
Venue 9 places in 5 Cities
Opening Event Morino Hall 21, 19:00 Friday 14th October
General Screening Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October
  • Abiko: “Gekkougura” Aishima Geijyutu Bunka Mura
  • Kashiwa: Spanish restaurant “Amor De Gawdi”, Dining Bar “ROOF”, Art Complex “MONAIZO”, Café Line
  • Nagareyama: Morino Hall 21, Atelier Reimei
  • Noda: NodaCity Cultural Hall
  • Matsudo: Matsudo Sanrio Theater
Fee 2,000 yen (all round ticket)
Day tickets Official pamphlet 1,000yen (Time schedule can be provided for free)
Hosted by TOKATSU Film Festival Committee (Abiko cinema Club, Kashiwa Filmmaking collaborators, Nagareyama Film Works, Maji Noda, Matsudo Planning Committee and TOKATSU Cinema Club)
Co-hosted by RO-ON
Collaborated by Cities of Abiko, Kashiwa, Nagareyama, Matsudo and Noda (alphabetical order)
Partners DV workshop Studio DU Panasonic, BIGBOSS SHIBAZAKI
Supported by ACT2 inc, Alpha institute, Fuji Film Imaging inc.
Cooperated by Koala TV, J:COM Kanto, Art Frog

Number of participants

Opening event: 600 people
Abiko: Official event 500 people / Free event 250 people
Kashiwa; ROOF 100 people, Gawdi 400 people, Monaizo 600 people, Café line 120 people
Nagareyama: 224 people
Matsudo: 1,320 people
Noda: 470 people
Total (General Screening): 3,984 people

Official website

2005年度 東葛映画祭オフィシャルサイト -TOKATSU Film Festival 2005-

→TOKATSU Film Festival 2005 (Japanese only)

Poster and fliers

Photos of Opening event

Introduction of Sister, the festival original film (Screening, greetings and special talk session

Photos of each venue

General screening of more than 40 films was held in 9 places in 5 Cities (Abiko, Kashiwa, Nagareyama, Noda and Matsudo)

Photos of Open Cafe

Open café was set up by top chef and bartenders. This was functioned as the main gate of film festival that free shuttle buses were departed to each venue. Also several events, such as photo session and talk session, were held by film makers, guests.

Pre-event: Travelogue Photo exhibition of Naoki Honjo

The poster of TOKATSU film Festival 2005 was shot by Naoki Honjo. Many of his unreleased works were displayed in the exhibition.

TOKATSU Film Festival 2005, Opening Special Exhibition
“Travelogue” Naoki Honjo / Recent works

Venue: Art Complex "MONAIZO", Kashiwa
Address; MONAIZO 3-3 Wakaba-cho, Kashiwa, Chiba 227-0024
Tel/Fax: 04-7139-5855 Duration: Saturday 1st Oct – Tuesday 11th Oct
Fee: Free