The characters of TOKATSU Film Festival “Movie Movie Dan”

Movie Movie Dan
Members of "Movie Movie Dan" are fairies of darkness who are passionate about movies. Once they come to any place, it gets dark and this place can get ready for showing movies. More they get excited to watch movies, the darker and quieter the place becomes, and this way, they create a good environment to watch movies. They seem to live and appear in TOKATSU area in Chiba. Apparently they came to TOKATSU film festival since last year. This year, they show their appearances in order to support TOKATSU International Film Festival.

Mr. Chatty: Wearing bow tie, presenter
Mr. Picky: Wearing cap, creator
Mr. Audience: Wearing T-shirt, loving movies, well-informed audience

Illustrator’s Profile

In 2002, Sachicafe established an artists unit called “Ikurako”, and started her artist work for design festival and exhibition. Later, she started to work as individual illustrator holding a number of exhibitions and wider activities. The concept of her work is"It’s warm, but it is not only that. We want to feel something nice as a bit sweeter everyday". She is currently living in Toronto and illustrating more freely.