TOKATSU International Film Festival 2007


TOKATSU International Film Festival 2007-8

1n 2008 (to be confirms)


Kashiwa, Nagareyama, Chiba prefecture, Japan

Purpose Of The Festival

TOKATSU International Film Festival is aiming to become a film festival that can be a symbol of local industries and local cultures. By serving this opportunity, it would be existedas a fort of independent films that supports contemporary film works. We hope this film festival become a sanctuary of independent film creators all over the world.


TOKASTU International Film Festival Committee Office
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Hosted by

TOKATSU International Film Festival Committee
(Abiko Cinema Club, Kashiwa Filmmaking Collaborators, Nagareyama Film works, Noda Planning committee and Matsudo Planning committee)


Where is TOKATSU?

TOKATSU is the name of an area located in the northwest of Chiba Prefecture Japan, including cities of Noda, Nagareyama, Kashiwa, Abiko and Matsudo. This area looks like the horn of Chiba prefecture on map.