In this section, hosting groups and film commissions in each city are introduced.

Abiko Cinema Club (Abiko City)

A film is entertainment, art, culture and industry. We plan to develop the city through film. Our objectives are creation of culture and revitalization of the area. Triggered by “CHARON”, a popular topic of 2004, filmmaking has become active also in Abiko this year, resulting in the Tokatsu Film Festival being held. We continue to actively focus on bringing a cheerful atmosphere and affluence to the city through establishing film commissions and film festivals. We look forward to many Abiko citizens joining us.

Kashiwa Filmmaking Collaborators (Kashiwa City)

Kashiwa Filmmaking Collaborators is a group of grown up film buffs. It is true that we are sometimes party animals, but we also have a clear vision to develop the city into a movie city and a place for movie locations. Please visit Kashiwa to see that it also has different side from East Shibuya.

Nagareyama Film Works (Nagareyama City)

From this year, the Local Brand Improvement Committee, the host of the Tokatu Cinema Night vol.1 in 2004, has been reformed into Nagareyama Film Works to dedicate their work to films. Our aim is to transmit the magnificence of Nagareyama's greenery and slow pace of life to all of Japan and the world through films. Many talented young volunteers gather together for excited discussion over drinks. Our main activities are: recruiting extra volunteers, working in conjunction with the film commission of NagareyamaCity commerce and industry department and hosting the TOKATSU International Film Festival. We invite all Nagareyama citizens to join us.
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Noda Planning Committee (NodaCity)

Matsudo Planning Committee (MatsudoCity)