Festival overview

Festival overview

Name of Event TOKATSU International Film Festival 2006
Host TOKATSU International Film Festival Committee
(Abiko Cinema Club, Abiko City, Kashiwa Filmmaking collaborators, Nagareyama Film works, MAJI Noda, and Matsudo Planning Committee)
Sponsors Abiko Board of Education / AIRA (Abiko International Relations Association)/ Ayuminosato Kosya in Abiko Kashiwa City / Kashiwa Tourist Association / Kashiwa Board of Education / KIRA (Kashiwa International Relations Association) Nagareyama City / Nagareyama Tourist Association / Nagareyama Board of Education / NIFA (Nagareyama International Friendship Association) Noda City / Matsudo City Nihon Fukushi University / Chiba TV
Duration From Saturday 14th October to Sunday 22nd October
[Opening event]: Saturday 14th October at NagareyamaSyogaigakusyuCenter
[Closing Event]: Sunday 22nd October at gymnastic hall of Kashiwashiritsu Daiichi Elementary School
Fees All-round ticket: advance purchase¥2,000, on the day purchase¥2,500
(Free movies and events are also held.)

Events (Plans)

Opening Event

Showing invited films, Introduction of guests, and Introduction of films for the International Competition

Competition Film Screening

Screening of five new films from all over the world at each venue
Teach-in (Q & A session) by film directors and/or actors will be held
Awards selection by judges and audience

Closing Event

Prizes for the International film competition (Grand prix and audience prize)
Showing the film of the grand prix winner

Pre-event of TOKATSU Film Festival

Advertising event of TOKATSU International Film Festival at double deck in Kashiwa Station (1 week before the official event)

Events of each city

Original events will be held in each city
Showing Regional films

Reception party

Party for interacting with international and Japanese guests, film makers and participants

Film Commission Symposium

Symposium for reporting activities of local government’s film commission and discussion for their perspectives

[Guests in Last year]

Show Aikawa / Hiroki Matsukata / Haruo Mizuno (Director of Siberian Express, film critic) / Keita Amemiya (Director of ZEIRAM) / Kunihiko Ida (Actor in ZEIRAM) / Kenji Matsuda (Actor in TATO LOCO, Tsurugi) / Yoshihiro Ito (Director of Ume Shinjyu) / Takaaki Hashiguchi (Director of Kokoniiru) / Hidekazu Ichinose (Actor in Kokoniiru) / Aki Kawamura (Actress of Kokoniiru) / Hiroki Kaneda (Director of Bar/36.5 C) / Kei Nakata (Director of Tsurugi and other 2 films) / Natsuyo Kanahama (Actress in WILDNIGHT) / Takayuki Kato (Actor in 0&1) / Toru Ichikawa (Director of Gyakurin gumi 7 ninsyu) / Yu Matsuda (Actor in Gyakurin gumi 7 ninsyu) / Hiroyuki Matsubayashi (Director of Alternative Children) / Taisei Miyamoto (Actor in Sister) / Yukichi Otsuka (Director of Sister)/ Maria Kunii (Actress in Sister) / Miko (Actress in Sister)